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Hi, I’m Kellie, the owner of Gotta Getta Inc. Since the mid 90’s, I have been working with direct mail advertising magazines on Long Island, New York, New Jersey & Connecticut. The last 20 plus years I have been part of distributing magazines & Postcards to over 25 million households.

Just like many residents of Florida, I left the Northeast and made the permanent move south to the wonderful county of Brevard. It is here that I have started this company and am bringing the same dedication to my new customers that I have given in the past. The goal is to work hand in hand with my advertisers and bring them as many potential customers as possible. Your success is my success.

Gotta Getta will strive to deliver to your end customer the most cost effective, high quality product whether it be an ad in the magazine, a separately inserted Zone Card or inserted Bookmark that sticks out of the top of the magazine.  Beginning in September 2019, the issues will circulate to 100,000 single family dwellings the first Thursday or Friday every month.

My extraordinary staff will do their best to meet all your needs and whether you are a starting a new business or have been in business for decades we are looking forward to a long lasting relationship with you.

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